Saturday, 22 September 2012

Challenge Day 22: Inspired By A Song

This was a hard one for sure. I'm not sure how to be inspired by a song. I was thinking music videos, lyrics, the name. But I eventually settled on something!

I have been obsessed with Lana Del Rey lately, her music is amazing and her lyrics are definitely inspiring. I chose her song Radio so inspired this manicure!

"Baby love me cause I'm playing on the radio." This song is awesome and was fairly easy to create in a manicure. I started with a nude base and painted on little radios on my thumb nails. I also did an accent nail with music notes! The radios were created with Joe Fresh Cement, Zoya Kelly and a black ebay nail art pen.

On the rest of my nails I did a glitter sandwich with F4 Polish Rainforest and China Glaze I. I thought this would be a cute way to spice up the rest of my nails instead of leaving them plain.

Overall I think this was a fun manicure! And I think it was inspired by a song quite well. Actually a radio and music notes could be inspired by all types of music!

I will be posting my tribal challenge later today, so for now I will leave you with a video of Radio so you can take a listen :)

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