Monday, 3 September 2012

Challenge Day 3: Yellow feat. Some Lady Gaga Inspiration!

Oh boy, oh boy. I am so excited to show you all these beautiful babies. This mani came out exactly how I planned, and I couldn't be happier.

I had some inspiration for this mani in the form of Lady Gaga's dress in the video for Paparazzi (Single released in 2009... oops! I'm a little late!). Lots of nail art addicts across the globe have done a version of these nails. I knew I had to try it out one day, so here they are!

Remember the yellow mouse dress in the video? Remember the thousands of inspired mani's that erupted afterward? Haha, here's mine! Three years later. 

I started with OPI The It Color as my base. It's my one and only favorite yellow and obviously a pretty good match to the dress she wore in the video. While the mousies aren't exactly the same, I did it the easy way and did a Minnie/Mickey mouse print.

The mouse print was done with a dotting tool and a generic drugstore black polish. Super easy to create because the ears are the same size as the head, so you don't have to switch dotting tools or anything! Super cute. Maybe I'll be Minnie Mouse for Halloween and do my nails this way with red instead!

I love accent fingers. I recently became a professional manicurist at work as well as a hairstylist and one of my coworkers called me "the queen of accent fingers." So I did a "Cocktail" mani featuring the print and on the rest of my nails I did a gradient with China Glaze I'm Not Lion (So pretty!).

Tomorrow is green! I'm sad I'll only be rocking this mani for a day. Oh well!

Also, look out for a new weekly post I'll be doing showing off some manicures I've done on clients at work for the week! It will be like an Instagrammed collection of awesome. So excited!

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