Friday, 21 September 2012

Challenge Day 21: Inspired by a Color (+ previous challenge manis)

So, because I've been behind on posting but I'm still participating in the challenge I'm going to do a couple double post days. Where I left off will come later today and I will start with today's actual challenge. Which is Inspired By A Color!

So I took a page out of Rebecca's book from Rebecca Likes Nails and did a manicure based on a nail polish color instead of just a color... A glitter polish!

The polish I chose was F4 Polish Neapolitan which is a combination of medium pink hex glitters, large white hex glitters and micro brown hex glitters in a clear base. This polish was clearly inspired by neapolitan ice cream so I created neapolitan ice cream nails!

Other polishes used were Joe Fresh Bloom, Joe Fresh Mocha & China Glaze Knotty. I was going to use a white base but I chose Knotty because It would allow the white glitters to show better.

So later today I will post my delicate mani from last week! Plus a review of the wonderful polish used, which is my new favorite!

You can purchase F4 Polish on Etsy and keep up with the creators on Facebook.

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