Friday, 7 September 2012

Challenge Day 6: Violet Nails

So I'm actually writing this post very late at night and scheduling it for this morning because I did it again. Painted my nails for yesterday but then did not post them. Oops!

I did another simpler mani yesterday, as I was still sick and bed-ridden (finally better & back to work today!) But I actually love the way it turned out! The color combination reminded me of some sort of leotard a competition gymnast or figure skater might wear, ha ha!

I chose to do some big giant polka dots! (Pictured with a totally unrelated polish) The base color is 2 coats of China Glaze Flying Dragon. It is a violet neon polish that dries very fast and matte, like most other neon polishes. It also has blue & silver micro glitters, which makes this polish so interesting and one of my favorites.

The polka dots were done with OPI Glitzerland and a large dotting tool. The dotting tool was still not large enough for these dots so i sort of swirled the tool around to make the dots larger. Unfortunately, they were not perfect when done this way, but I still like them!

Sorry for the lack of photos, I did take more but I'm having issues getting my camera to take clear photos without flash. It's a newer camera, so I'll just have to play with the settings some more!

Later today comes black & white nails! I have a fun idea for this which also includes polka dots. Hopefully it will turn out awesome!

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