Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Funky Glitter Sandwich & Some Big Rhinestones!

I am loving all of the mani's I am seeing lately with the big stud & rhinestone accents so I had to pick both of these embellishments up. The first I received was the big, chunky rhinestones! I couldn't wait to use them!

I was worried I wouldn't be able to wear these for long. I'm a hair stylist, so embellishments tend to catch on clients hair & pull which is not something that makes for an enjoyable experience! However I was pleasantly surprised!

Here is my funky purple mani with my big purple rhinestones! They laid surprisingly flat on my thumbnails and did not catch for the couple of days I wore this mani at all! The only issue I had was they fell off after day 2.

To focus on the polish aspect, here is my glitter sandwich! This was done using Colorama Transparente as the base, a coat of Daring Digits Punch Me Purple and then another coat of Transparente. I loved how exciting this was!

This combined 3 of my favorite things; glitter, glitter sandwiches & nude polish. Me gusta.

You can purchase these big rhinestones on eBay, and Daring Digits polish sells on Etsy. Punch Me Purple is not currently for sale, but they have lots of other great polishes including some beautiful holiday polishes!

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