Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A New Nail Art Challenge

I know I had already started another challenge, but it was sadly uninspiring for me. I kept wanting to skip days and I felt unmotivated. I was looking for something a little different but then I remembered this challenge I did around this time last year. Now that I have a little more experience and creativity, I think it will be twice as fun!

Lots of different options for every day. That's what attracted me! So here is Day One: Red Nails.

Red nails are an obvious classic. Red looks good with just about any color (except green, I'll leave that combo for Christmas), so it's always been a go to of mine when I can't settle on a color.
This is Zoya Maura. This is one of the first polishes I added to my collection and I've always loved it. The best way to describe it is a neon red creme. It's a super bright red leaning a tiny bit on the orange-y side.

Of course I wasn't just going to leave this mani all red! My nails have been bare all weekend. I was at the music festival Boonstock here in Canada, so I took all my polish off my nails before hand.
The yellow flowers are done with China Glaze Solar Power and a dotting tool. I then did little white dots with a nail art pen from eBay.

Someone said this reminds them of Spongebob! It kinda does look like the flowers, doesn't it? I thought it was a cute way to do a summery, happy mani. This was really simple to do, because the yellow is opaque enough that you don't have to keep going over the flowers.

Do this challenge with me! Drop a link i the comments and I'll be sure to check out how your challenge is coming along :)

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