Monday, 25 June 2012

New Sets for Sale on Etsy!

Sorry for the lack of posting! It's been especially busy at work and I haven't quite had time to post.
I attemped day 2 of my challenge, which was water marbling. Water marbling is for sure a hit or miss with me and, well, this time was definitely a miss.
I'm not even gonna show you. It's that bad. I have trouble finding the time to get every nail just right.

What I am going to show you today is some new sets I'm putting for up for sale on Etsy! I love doing my own nails but I also love watching people wear my designs as well. I also love making sets because it's a fun creative outlet for me when I don't want to change my own nails every day.

This set reminds me of confetti! I took inspiration from Chalkboard Nails for this set, which you can see here. I picked out some sweet and girly colors instead and got this neat confetti look. Love it.

Some classic red & leopard print. I actually got this idea from a girlfriend. I had painted her a plain red set & a leopard print set. She lost a nail so she used a spare leopard print nail on her ring finger and I was like, why didn't I think of that?

My favorite of the day. Another set with inspiration taken from Chalkboard Nails! Sarah did a wonderful tutorial on what she calls a Fishtail mani and I couldn't wait to try it out. You can see her tutorial here.

Thanks for all your great mani's lately, Sarah! You are awesome inspiration.

You can purchase my nail sets on Etsy here. I'm constantly restocking and adding new designs, which I will continue to show you all here. I am also putting up a new custom listing! You can request whatever nails your heart desires for $10.00 + shipping. Leopard print, watercolor, you name it.
I'm not very good and drawing people though, I don't recommend it. Ha!

Happy Monday, nail art addicts :)

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