Sunday, 10 June 2012

Stamping Sunday: Hot Hot Hot!

I just recently joined the group Adventures in Stamping on Facebook and this is my first contribution to their weekly challenges! The theme this week was Hot Hot Hot, so i interpreted that as bright neons. Summer is the perfect time for hot!

For my base I did a gradient using two extra hot colors. The orange is China Glaze Breakin' and the pinkish-red is China Glaze Pool Party. This mani is so bright it freaked out my camera a little bit! Hard to get it to photograph correctly.

Pool Party is from the 2010 Poolside collection full of the most blinding neons I have ever seen hit the polish market. It is basically a neon barbie pink with a slight red hue. All Lacquered Up probably has the most accurate photo (and photos of the rest of the collection) which you can see here.

This is probably the most color accurate photo I managed to take. For the stamping I used BM-208 and Sally Hansen Silver Sweep. The stamping doesn't look quite so translucent in person. The neon kinda over-shined the stamping in all my photos.

Well, it is 20 minutes to 12:00am here. Just made the deadline for Stamping Sunday. Still counts to me! If you'd like to join Adventures in Stamping click here and request to join! I hope all the lovely ladies in the group like my hot manicure!

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  1. welcome to the group! ive always enjoyed your tumblr - glad to see you in the stamping group! this is beautiful!