Monday, 18 June 2012

Sunny Glitter!

It's official, I'm back on my glitter obsession. I bought some indie glitters, some Claire's glitters, and well, I wanted to use some of my old ones too. This combo makes for a perfect sunny summer mani.

This is OPI The It Color with Kleancolor Chunky Copper as a glitter topper. The It Color is the perfect yellow for me. I'm really pale and I have no yellow in my skin tone at all, so if I wear too much yellow or too bright yellows I look extra pink... and white. But this yellow is a perfect golden hue that I think would look good on anyone.

Here's a sunlight photo of this beautiful combo. Chunky Copper has a tiny bit of a tinted base, so it made this mani look even more golden. It has large, medium and tiny hexagonal glitters that are fairly easy to fish out of the bottle. The only downside is that it is so thick, as are all of my other Kleancolor glitters. This took at least an hour to dry. It's worth it in the end but make sure you go pee and make no plans before you start with any Kleancolor glitters.

Sorry this is a little out of focus, I didn't notice until now. This is in the shade. Shows how the glitter shines from orange to yellow in different lights. Doesn't it match with The It Color well? It was worth waiting for the dry time for sure to see these pretty glitters shine at me.
I love summer manis! Bright is the best!

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