Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Nail Art Challenge: Day Two. Orange!

Orange is definitely not my favorite nail color. I've got lots of pinky oranges and reddish oranges but not a lot of true oranges. This is an exception. The brightest neon you've ever seen. I think you could spot my nails from a mile away.

This is Color Club You Got Soul-ar. It's a bright neon orange with holo glitter suspended in the polish. It's from the Starry Temptress Collection.

I did a little accent nail with a white nail art pen from eBay, because accent nails are the funnest, right? I just drew little hearts with the pen. Cute, fun & summery.

It was hard to capture the true color of this one on camera, because it's so bright! It freaked out my camera when I used the flash.

Are any of you doing the challenge? Drop my a link to your blog!

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