Monday, 9 July 2012

Nail Art Challenge CONTINUED! Day Three, Yellow

I have two reasons for postponing this challenge. One, it was a very busy weekend for me. I did hair for a wedding, went out for a friend's birthday and went floating down a river. Two, I loved it so much, I couldn't justify taking it off!

This is OPI The It Color. I used it a couple of weeks ago in this mani and as I said then, it's the perfect yellow for pale, pink me. It's a nice bright, golden yellow creme. This is 3 thin coats. You could get away with 2 thicker coats as well.

See how nice this color makes my skin tone look? The perfect peach. I love it.

Like always, I wanted to add a little something to this mani. This is a no name glitter from Claire's glitter collection called Precious Metals. They are all little mini 7.5ml bottles.

This is one coat plus a little dabbing here and there to fill in bald spots. It covers really well! I love to see a dense glitter. It was pretty much a no fuss experience.

I just had to take this shot. It matched the bottle so well! I can never get over when stuff matches, so here is a cute shot with one of my favorite flavors of vitamin water (yum, yum!).

Well, looks like it's time to take this mani off. It's now dull from layers of hairspray, a dirty river run and whatever else i got my hands into this weekend. Sigh.

Oh well! I will be posting my Day 4 mani later today! Stay tuned :)