Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Quick Halloween Mani!

I have another Halloween themed mani in the works for tomorrow, but since I have posted in forever (oops), I thought I'd share this quick photo of a super quick mani I did!

It is an instagram, because I am bad and took a photo on my phone and am posting this on my phone as well. Still counts! I will see you all tomorrow for a real post!

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Dripping Stripes, Funky Mani!

So I'm still playing with my new striping polishes, and I wanted to do something simple and easy!

This mani literally took me 20 minutes. Super easy for even the newest nail art addict to create! I would love to see if you guys recreated it. I can only imagine the color possibilities.

I am also still on a kick with my new Lime Crime polishes!

I started with 2 coats of Lime Crime Once In A Blue Mousse and went crazy from there, starting with the white stripes and adding more and more colors.

It's really nice & easy because the stripes are meant to be messy, almost like they're dripping. So you can be fast and not worry about them being straight and even.

I think this mani would be so fun with contrasting colors, like pink & green even! I love simple stuff that just turns out so nice & funky!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Nautical Nails!

So i just got a big old box full of new nail art stripers in the mail and I wanted to use them for something fancy, since I've been on more of an artsy kick lately.

I love nautical things, especially pin-up inspired nautical. I was a pin-up sailor for Halloween one year and painted my nails similar to this for my costume!

This mani was a fun opportunity for me to try out my new striper/pens! I bought a set of 30, and they send you random colors. I was lucky enough to get a white & a black which never happens, so I was pretty excited.

The colors used in this mani were Lime Crime Milky Ways, China Glaze First Mate & Zoya Maura. I also used Dollish Polish Toad-ally Awesome on my pointer as a glitter topper! I'll have to do a full mani using this, I love it!

The rest of the art was done using my nail art pens from eBay! They are extremely affordable and easy to use. You can purchase them from this eBay seller (where I purchased mine) for only like $20!

I've been feeling so inspired lately, hope it doesn't die off! Maybe I could finish the rest of the challenge!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Nail Art Inspired By A Polish Box!

So after swatching all of my new Lime Crimes, I wanted to do some funky art! I was looking around for inspiration and I spotted one of my polish boxes.

So hey, why not! Here is some art over Lime Crime Milky Ways.

Here's a shot of my nails over the box, so you can see the design. A cute black & white flower box. I think this is from Ikea or something, but it's one of my many boxes I keep polish in (I need a better storage system)

And here are the close-ups! As you can see I have a better handle on my camera now. I chose different flower designs on the box to create on my nails and this is what I came up with! Pretty neat, huh?

I like my thumb the best! I thought this was a fun way to keep the color from yesterday on my nails, but do something fun with it! I used an eBay nail art pen to do the designs.

Inspiration from the things around you can definitely create some of the best manis!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Lime Crime Les Desserts D'Antoinette Swatch & Review - Part 2!

Here are the last 3 polishes from the "Les Desserts D'Antoinette" collection! Yesterday I started with the warmer colors and now here are the cooler colors. I was most excited to check these last 3 out.

Excuse the blurry photos again, still getting used to my new camera. This is Lime Crime Once In A Blue Mousse. This is almost an exact dupe for China Glaze For Audrey, so it you have For Audrey, you probably don't need this. It is beautiful though. A pastel tiffany blue that applies nicely in 2 coats.

This is another favorite of mine from the collection! Lime Crime Lavendairy is a pastel lilac polish that also covers beautifully in 2 coats. Close to OPI Do You Lilac It? but a little brighter.  I love pastel purples so this is one I'll be happy to add to my collection.

And last but not least, my favorite out of the whole collection! Lime Crime Milky Ways is a light cream polish. You could also call it ivory. This is 3 coats, which I found was necessary for full opacity. But I'm not complaining! It's not chalky, which is hard to come by when searching for white or off-white polishes. Very nice!

I saved Milky Ways for last, so I could do some funky nail art on this color! I will post that tomorrow!

Again, you can purchase Lime Crime on Harlow & Co for all you Canadian ladies, and check out Lime Crime's site for American shipping and their other cosmetics!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lime Crime Les Desserts D'Antoinette Swatches & Review!

As soon as I saw Lime Crime's polishes I just had to have them. I love pastels and these are almost like neon pastels. Right up my alley!

I will post swatches of half the collection today!

The collection was inspired by "confectionary delights from Marie Antoinette's table." Lime Crime promises the polishes to be opaque in 2 coats, being intensely pigmented. The bottles also come with a wide brush for control.

Here's a photo of the "Les Desserts d'Antoinette" collection on my messy nail table. It consists of 7 pastel polishes; pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple & cream. The cream color caught my eye first. I love me some off-white.

Excuse the blurry photos. I'm just getting used to my new camera and for some reason decided to take these in my dark basement. This is 2 coats Lime Crime Parfait Day. It's a pastel baby pink creme that applies really nicely. The formula on this one was great.

This is 3 coats of Lime Crime Peaches & Cream. It is a pastel orange with almost a neon quality to it. I decided to use 3 coats with this one to cover a little bit of streakiness. Since I paint fairly thin coats, you could probably get away with 2 thicker ones.

The brightest of the bunch! This is Lime Crime Creme De Limon. I used 3 coats for this one as well. It's a bright lemon color, not as much pastel as the other colors. It's also a little chalkier than the rest, which is also a fear I have with pastel shades.

And the last for today, Lime Crime Pastelchio (What a cute name!). This is 2 coats of the pastel green polish. This one also has a neon quality to it. It is definitely reminiscent of a pistachio. This is one of my favorites! I'm a sucker for greens.

I have the last 3 polishes to show you tomorrow! This collection was well worth buying. I purchased it off of Harlow & Co (for all my Canadian followers!), but Lime Crime's site also offers shipping to the States.
Lime Crime also offers other cosmetics! Check them out!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Smitten Polish Pink Lemonade!

Part of my summer Indie haul was a preorder from Smitten Polish! I had never tried the brand before, so I was very excited to test it out.

Smitten Polish has a very exciting collection of glitters in creme & jelly bases! I love that, it's like automatic glitter sandwiches. 

This is 3 coats of Smitten Polish Pink Lemonade. It's a cream-yellow jelly base with micro & medium fuchsia hex glitters suspended throughout.

As you can see after 3 coats I still had a little bit of VNL but it was barely noticeable in person. I really like how dense the glitter is in this polish, it ensures that you'll never have any issues with glitter placement.

Overall this is definitely a new favorite in my collection. I can't wait to try other Smittens!

You can purchase Smitten Polish on Etsy, however she is currently closed. You can also follow Smitten Polish's page on Facebook to keep up to date on restocks and new polishes!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Pretty & Polished Phat Camp! Swatches and Review

It's no secret that I love Pretty & Polished. It is for sure my favorite indie brand, I love my glitter.
I recently bought a bunch of new polishes from indie brands and 50% of them were Pretty & Polished.

These pictures are a little dark, but I needed to take them in the shade to show the true colors of the glitter!
This is Pretty & Polished Phat Camp! It is part of the Camp Summer Collection featuring 3 other polishes and is a bunch of pink, purple and blue hex glitters with purple shard glitters in a clear base. It looks super cute over black but could also be layers over lots of other colors!

This polished applied really well. No clumping of the glitter, and i didn't need to place glitters anywhere. It was really fuss free, and the glitters are nice and dense!

This is why I love Pretty & Polished!

You can purchase Phat Camp and other polishes on Pretty & Polished's Etsy!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Challenge Day 25: Inspired By Fashion

I didn't pick a specific outfit or designer for this challenge. Instead, I picked my favorite fashion trend! Can you guess what it is? I named my blog after it!

Lace! Lace has been huge in the fashion world for ages and, in my opinion, never goes out of style. I own so many shirts and dresses featuring lace, I decided to feature it on my fingers!

I chose to do a funky black lace design! It was simple to create a lace look without getting too fancy. I just alternated between a scalloped design and dots.

The base color used was Zoya Goldie, because what goes better with lace than flashy gold?

Do you like wearing lace? I think it was fun to wear my favorite fashion trend on my fingers!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Challenge Day 24: Inspired By A Book

The theme for this challenge was Inspired By A Book. This was not a hard decision at all, why not chose the book that women everywhere have lost their minds over?

I chose 50 Shades Of Grey. You don't have to be a bondage connoisseur or anything to read this book, it's pretty good! I would recommend it to anyone.

I created the "50 Shades" look by doing an ombre! The polishes used for the ombre were Joe Fresh Concrete, Zoya Kelly and a generic black polish. I also mixed white into Kelly to get the greys on my pointer and middle fingers.

Then I painted a tie on my ring finger to mimic the tie on the cover of the book. Nothing special, because my tie is quite a bit less detailed. But I think I portrayed the idea well!

Have you read 50 Shades of Grey? And what book did you use for inspiration?

Friday, 5 October 2012

Challenge Day 23: Inspired By A Movie

It's no question that I obviously failed this challenge. Big time. But I'm still going to try my best to finish it at my own pace.
Work has gotten really busy for me (which is a really good thing), so I'm trying to focus my energy on that. It was also my birthday and my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend yesterday so that's exciting!

Anyway, this challenge was Inspired By A Movie. I didn't really know how to be inspired by a movie so I was looking through my collection of DVD's and saw The Notebook.
Then I thought of her super cute bathing suit!

If you're a bird, I'm a bird! I love The Notebook. It for sure made me fall in love with Ryan Gosling.

I recreated the pattern on her bathing suit (or outfit whatever it is) for this mani! My stripes were a little messy for this but i think it's pretty close to the pattern!

Ignore my messy stripes. I even recreated the pocket! The colors used for this mani were China Glaze Purr-fect Plum, OPI Comet Loves Cupid and Joe Fresh Concrete.

Did any of you mess up on the challenge? Hope I'm not the only one!