Monday, 8 October 2012

Pretty & Polished Phat Camp! Swatches and Review

It's no secret that I love Pretty & Polished. It is for sure my favorite indie brand, I love my glitter.
I recently bought a bunch of new polishes from indie brands and 50% of them were Pretty & Polished.

These pictures are a little dark, but I needed to take them in the shade to show the true colors of the glitter!
This is Pretty & Polished Phat Camp! It is part of the Camp Summer Collection featuring 3 other polishes and is a bunch of pink, purple and blue hex glitters with purple shard glitters in a clear base. It looks super cute over black but could also be layers over lots of other colors!

This polished applied really well. No clumping of the glitter, and i didn't need to place glitters anywhere. It was really fuss free, and the glitters are nice and dense!

This is why I love Pretty & Polished!

You can purchase Phat Camp and other polishes on Pretty & Polished's Etsy!

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