Thursday, 11 October 2012

Lime Crime Les Desserts D'Antoinette Swatch & Review - Part 2!

Here are the last 3 polishes from the "Les Desserts D'Antoinette" collection! Yesterday I started with the warmer colors and now here are the cooler colors. I was most excited to check these last 3 out.

Excuse the blurry photos again, still getting used to my new camera. This is Lime Crime Once In A Blue Mousse. This is almost an exact dupe for China Glaze For Audrey, so it you have For Audrey, you probably don't need this. It is beautiful though. A pastel tiffany blue that applies nicely in 2 coats.

This is another favorite of mine from the collection! Lime Crime Lavendairy is a pastel lilac polish that also covers beautifully in 2 coats. Close to OPI Do You Lilac It? but a little brighter.  I love pastel purples so this is one I'll be happy to add to my collection.

And last but not least, my favorite out of the whole collection! Lime Crime Milky Ways is a light cream polish. You could also call it ivory. This is 3 coats, which I found was necessary for full opacity. But I'm not complaining! It's not chalky, which is hard to come by when searching for white or off-white polishes. Very nice!

I saved Milky Ways for last, so I could do some funky nail art on this color! I will post that tomorrow!

Again, you can purchase Lime Crime on Harlow & Co for all you Canadian ladies, and check out Lime Crime's site for American shipping and their other cosmetics!

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