Saturday, 13 October 2012

Nautical Nails!

So i just got a big old box full of new nail art stripers in the mail and I wanted to use them for something fancy, since I've been on more of an artsy kick lately.

I love nautical things, especially pin-up inspired nautical. I was a pin-up sailor for Halloween one year and painted my nails similar to this for my costume!

This mani was a fun opportunity for me to try out my new striper/pens! I bought a set of 30, and they send you random colors. I was lucky enough to get a white & a black which never happens, so I was pretty excited.

The colors used in this mani were Lime Crime Milky Ways, China Glaze First Mate & Zoya Maura. I also used Dollish Polish Toad-ally Awesome on my pointer as a glitter topper! I'll have to do a full mani using this, I love it!

The rest of the art was done using my nail art pens from eBay! They are extremely affordable and easy to use. You can purchase them from this eBay seller (where I purchased mine) for only like $20!

I've been feeling so inspired lately, hope it doesn't die off! Maybe I could finish the rest of the challenge!

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