Friday, 5 April 2013

entry to Kayla Shevonne's nail art contest!

so Kayla Shevonne is hosting a nail art contest inspired by indie polish! i have a drawer full of specifically indie polish, so this was a fun one to figure out.
i decided on using my favorite indie of all time, and two of my newest additions!

for this mani i used my first Gloss n Sparkle polishes in Passion Pop and Cookie Dough. for the base on my art nails i used Lime Crime Milky Ways which is my favorite indie AND my favorite polish of all time in general. i'm on my third bottle of it. it's great.

the point of this contest is to make the indies the star. so for one, i wanted to use entirely indies (with the outlining being the only exception), and two, i wanted to do art inspired by their names! so because passion pop is a bright coral with lots of assorted hex glitter, i created lollipops. and with cookie dough (which is a perfect representation featuring a light brown base with dark brown hex glitters) i created cookies!

i hope this lives up to Kayla's expectations of her theme. i am an indie polish fan forever, and will buy them till people stop making them! (which i hope is never)

if you'd like to enter her contest you can click here!

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