Thursday, 14 March 2013

"graveyard" nails

i laughed when one of the girls at my work commented on me wearing a "graveyard" on my nails.

but crosses are all the rage right now! i see them everywhere, on clothes, on nails, jewelry. fashion has definitely picked up some christian inspiration (ha ha).

aren't these cute and trendy? i used Julep Helen as my base, which they describe as a smoky pastel lavendar creme. that's spot on, i love the smokiness especially. it applied very nicely, this was 3 thin coats.
then i did the black crosses quickly and freely to give it a sketched look if you will? and did some neato purple rhinestone crosses on my thumb and ring finger.

would you rock this trend? i am by no means religious so i didn't know how i felt about it at first but it was super fun to wear!

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