Friday, 8 March 2013

design re-do & contest entry!

since my first attempt of the "grown up flower" design by mr candiipants did not work too well, i tried it again! and this time was a definite success!

this was also another contest entry in instagram and it was pastel themed. i love pastels, so i pretty much drooled over these until they chipped into nothing.

how cute are these, seriously. also, i am obviously obsessed with Lime Crime and need and intervention. spring is coming and they are bright pastels... so i'm pretty much going to be using them all up. i used Lavendairy for the base and a pink nail art pen for the flowers.

don't really know where my pinky is going in this picture. i also love the stud accents. studs everywhere, all the time, every day. i love them completely.

i have seen lots of recreations of the design online, have any of you taken a shot at it? i'd love to see!
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