Thursday, 9 August 2012

Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker!

I think I am officially obsessed with indie polish. I hauled all sorta of brands in July and kept going into August! I'll have to post some pictures of my haul soon.

Anyway, while I have about 8 (I think?) more P&P's on their way to me, this was one of the first ones I purchased! I saw swatches and just had to have it.

Here are some bottles shots of Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker! I love the label on this one. I understood that Chelsea had tried out some new labels for purchased made on Llarowe and I love them!
Check out all the pretty glitter! The classic primary colors featured in a jawbreaker!

This is 2 coats (Just 2 coats! Of a jelly glitter polish!? In Heaven!!) of Pretty & Polished Jawbreaker. It's a primary color assortment of glitters in a white base. It went on beautifully, with no streaks, and the glitter went on evenly. See how the glitter suspends itself in the polish? Like a glitter sandwich without the work! This looks exactly like a jawbreaker!

Here's a couple of shots sans flash. I love the assortment of glitters in this polish. It's made up of mostly small & medium hex glitters with some larger squares and tiny bar glitters. Just a party in a bottle!

You can purchase Pretty & Polished on Etsy & Llarowe! Etsy is currently sold out but Llarowe still has some stock of some other cute shades!
You can also keep up with info on preorders and new shades on P&P's Facebook.

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