Friday, 18 January 2013

& i'm back! only a month later...

so i took a much needed break from just about everything over the Christmas holidays, and then extended it over 'till about now. but that doesn't mean i didn't do my nails many a time! so i've built up a little stack to show you all.

i've also decided to make a few changes in the blog;
less swatching, more art. gotta get back to what i actually enjoy doing!
& i hate capitalization. i started this blog thinking if i capitalized properly and whatnot that it would seem more professional, but that's not me & i want this to be casual fun for me.

that being said, onto what i think was my favorite mani of 2012!

this is Barry M Blue Moon! i took the plunge and recently bought a couple Barry M polishes & i am not regretting it. i love pastels and this color was great. this is 3 coats (+ a coat of China Glaze Ghoulish Glow, i went out that night and thought it would be neat).

then i added some fun gold square studs i purchased from ebay. some of these turned a little bronze-y in color after topcoat? you can kinda tell, top stud on my ring finger was the worst. but i didn't mind.

this was awesome and didn't chip for like 5 days, which is top notch when it comes to me (i can never make it last). Barry M polishes will definitely have to make their way into my collection more often!

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